Tara and her children were evicted from their home.  When the stress of looming homelessness resulted in a nervous breakdown, Tara was hospitalized for several days, knowing she had nowhere to go when she was released.

Tara says the call she received from MICAH House telling her she had been accepted upon her release from the hospital was perfect timing.  "The phone call saved our lives, saved us from being homeless.  I'm so glad I got to stay here instead of another shelter," she said, describing the fear she felt at the idea of having her children stay in a shelter with all of the beds in one large room.

Tara's favorite part of MICAH House is the staff.  "They're helpful," she explains.  "They treat you like a human."

Josie, a 5th-grader, said she enjoyed the opportunity to set up their own room in MICAH House. (Her mom let her arrange and decorate their private room.)  Josie says, "The hardest part of it all is thinking about what we went through.  But it's been awesome here!"

Josie plans to continue to work hard in school - her favorite subject is math - to get a college scholarship like her older sisters.  Tara recently found out that she's at the top of the list to move into transitional housing, and she's feeling hopeful for the future.  Tara says, "Success is my kids back together, stable housing, and a stable income."