Girl Scout Troop 64224

Last year, MICAH House Girl Scout troop 64224 sold 720 boxes of cookies - help us hit our goal of 800 boxes this year! Click here for more details.

All proceeds from cookie sales go back to the troop to help with supplies, trips, and making memories.


For kids like Max, MICAH House is more than a shelter…

It's home.


“I had to come to MICAH House because we don’t have any money for our old house.

I was scared to go because I never rode on a train before. It was a long walk to MICAH House and my legs were tired.

I feel happy about living here. I am happy because I get to go to BUDDY Program, play on the playground, draw, and make polar bears. I really like all of the kids here, they are my friends. I also like breakfast and snack time the most.”


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