Leaving A Legacy



Including MICAH House in your will or trust is a meaningful way to help us continue to serve homeless children, families, and women. Many of our programs and services have benefited from individuals who had the foresight to include the MICAH House in their estate plans.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift annuity is a contractual agreement in which, in exchange for a minimum gift of $10,000, the MICAH House will make payments to you, another person, or two people for life.

Retirement ASSETS

Retirement assets are one of the most beneficial gifts you can give to MICAH House. These funds grow tax-free until the time of withdrawal. With the innovative use of these assets, you are able to contribute generously to the MICAH House as well as provide for your loved ones. Many taxes on these plans can be avoided or reduced through a carefully planned charitable gift.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is often overlooked as an asset that you can use to make gifts to MICAH House. There are a number of ways to support the MICAH House’s many programs with an insurance-related gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a life-income arrangement that provides you and/or other beneficiaries with a stream of income for life or for a period of years. After the trust terminates, the principal, or “remainder interest,” goes to the MICAH House. Unlike other life-income arrangements, CRTs are separately invested and managed trusts. Please note that the MICAH House does not manage these trusts for donors.

Next steps

Contact Ashley Flater (712-323-4416, aflater@themicahhouse.org) for additional information on bequests or to chat more about the different options for including MICAH House in your will or estate plan.

  1. Seek the advice of your financial or legal adviser.

  2. If you include MICAH House in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal Name: MICAH House
Address: 1415 Avenue J, Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Federal Tax ID Number: #42-1292393