Mission In Community Assistance and Housing

The mission of MICAH House is to provide a safe and nurturing environment with support services for those families and individuals experiencing the crisis of homelessness.

2017 Achievements

  • MICAH House served 857 individuals, and 55% (469) were children
    • 216 were under five years old
    • 48 were under one years old
  • 25,892 nights of shelter were provided
  • 27,039 nutritious meals were served that allowed guests to use financial resources to obtain permanent housing
  • 30% of adults gained employment during their stay
  • 59% of clients were able to move from MICAH House to stable housing
  • 54% of clients served were from Nebraska, with the majority coming from the Omaha Metro Area
  • 39% of clients served were from Iowa, with the majority from the Council Bluffs area
  • 7% of clients last place of permanent residence was from a state other than Iowa or Nebraska
We are more than a shelter. We are a place where families turn when they have nowhere else to go. This means that we have to meet those families with dignity and respect. Stop by for a tour, and help make MICAH House, your house.
— Jaymes Sime, Executive Director