Sadie grew up in Council Bluffs, in what she calls a "dysfunctional family."  She started using drugs at a young age, lost her four children, and went to jail.

With nowhere to go after her jail time ended, Sadie came to MICAH House.  "I had lots of rocks to overcome," she explains.  "I was about ready to give up."  She says that without having MICAH House as an option, "giving up" for her would've meant going back to jail, or even suicide.

Sadie credits the staff and relationships she formed at MICAH House with helping her through her rocky time.  She says the staff was very kind to her, and anytime she felt doubtful or discouraged, she received pep talks from MICAH House's social worker.

With a glow, Sadie explains that she is now moving out of MICAH House into her own housing.  She offers advice for anyone going through a difficult time:  "Never give up hope.  When you're down, always find someone to talk to.  There's always a rainbow after a storm."