to provide a safe and nurturing environment with support services for those families and individuals experiencing the crisis of homelessness.


MICAH House will help to end homelessness by restoring hope to families and individuals while preserving family unity; empowering all to live independently and free from the crisis of homelessness through community support and collaboration.


MICAH House, founded in 1986, is an emergency family homeless shelter that provides shelter and support services to hundreds of children and adults annually.

Through a network of services, MICAH House provides support and security to individuals who are uncertain about their future and are worried for the safety and well-being of their children. Families and single women who enter MICAH House are provided an array of services including nutritious meals, counseling resources, an on-site health clinic, and a trauma-informed (BUDDY) play program. 

In 2017, MICAH House served 857 homeless individuals.

  • 55% were children

  • 46% of residents reported domestic violence as the primary reason for becoming homeless

  • 28% of residents reported a loss of job as their primary reason for becoming homeless

  • 32% experienced sexual abuse

  • 39% experienced physical abuse

  • 31% experienced domestic violence

Your support of MICAH House is needed now more than ever as we continue to add programs and services to help our homeless community members.

2017 Achievements

  • 25,892 nights of shelter were provided

  • 27,039 nutritious meals were served that allowed guests to use financial resources to obtain permanent housing

  • 30% of adults gained employment during their stay

  • 59% of clients were able to move from MICAH House to stable housing


  • 54% of clients served were from Nebraska, with the majority coming from the Omaha Metro Area

  • 39% of clients served were from Iowa, with the majority from the Council Bluffs area

  • 7% of clients last place of permanent residence was from a state other than Iowa or Nebraska

We are more than a shelter. We are a place where families turn when they have nowhere else to go. This means that we have to meet those families with dignity and respect. Stop by for a tour, and help make MICAH House, your house.
— Jaymes Sime, Executive Director