Building Upon Dreams, Developing Youngsters

The new MICAH House BUDDY Program is designed to engage the more than 350 children that we serve each year! The BUDDY Program uses play, trauma informed methods of care and fantastic volunteers, or BUDDYs, so we can truly Build Upon Dreams and Develop our Youngsters!

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Let's Play!

Children are routinely denied daily opportunities to play while living in emergency shelters. Lack of play time increases stress and continues to the trauma of homelessness.

Play is a major component of the BUDDY Program because it can be a healing force that helps children cope and restore normalcy to their lives.

Playing with other children (and BUDDYs!) also helps children learn social skills, critical thinking skills, self-control and creativity.


Why Play?

When children are stressed or experience trauma, the stress hormone, cortisol, floods the brain and affects the hippocampus, which is the center of emotion and memory.

The antidote to cortisol is serotonin, which is released through physical activity, laughter, affection, mastering new skills and rest. By building the opportunity for positive experiences into our programming, the cortisol block is removed, and children can learn and grow!

Therefore, PLAY is the answer!