Janelle and Matt's Story

Imagine picking up the phone to call a homeless shelter, because you have nowhere to go and no family or friends willing or able to help.

Janelle, and her husband Matt, were struggling, but able to afford a small apartment – a place to call their own. Matt was on disability and Janelle was working at a local restaurant, just to get by. But in August, Janelle and Matt were notified that their apartment building was being condemned, due to structural issues. This was a life-changing event that their family was not financially prepared for.

“Picking up the phone and calling MICAH House was the hardest thing I have ever had to do,” says Janelle, a recent resident. “I was embarrassed. How do you explain to your two children that we are going to a homeless shelter?”

But fortunately, for Janelle, that one phone call led her family to MICAH House, a safe shelter that would let them stay together, and would also allow Janelle to continue working while they figured out their next step in life.

MICAH House has been a haven for more than 800 homeless individuals in 2017. Through a network of services, MICAH House provides support and security to individuals who are uncertain about their future and are worried for the safety
and well-being of their children. Families and single women who enter MICAH House are provided an array of services including nutritious meals, counseling resources, an on-site health clinic, and a trauma-informed (BUDDY) play program.

While at MICAH House, Matt and Janelle attended Tuesday night budgeting classes aimed to help families with managing their income and debt. They worked with a MICAH House Case Manager to locate and identify affordable housing options and resources so they could secure permanent housing, and Janelle was also able to gain new employment. The family of four successfully moved into an affordable home on October 20, after five weeks at MICAH House.

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